Investing in Straw Hat Pizza


Whether you have years of restaurant experience or none at all our training will help prepare you to successfully operate your Straw Hat Pizza restaurant. Some details about our training:

  • Takes place in an operating Straw Hat Pizza.
  • Can take place in Northern or Southern California.
  • Taught by someone with years of experience as a Straw Hat Pizza owner.
  • Lasts for three weeks. Each work week will be 6 days and the times will vary depending on the task you are learning.
  • It is very hands on. Also, you will be on your feet much of the day just like when you eventually run your own Straw Hat Pizza.
  • During your training we will bring in key contacts for introductory meetings.
  • You are tested on the material learned and must pass a final test to be approved to open your Straw Hat Pizza restaurant.

The time you spend on training is an investment in yourself. Our training not only prepares you to run your business but helps you develop key contacts and resources.

Team Meeting

Field Support

We have resources available to help you open and operate your restaurant. Our field support staff has years of experience in the restaurant business. Here is what you can expect:

  • When opening your restaurant, we will have a key contact for you to work with. A staff member will be on site to help you train your team and stay with you for a few days after open to make sure you get off to a successful start.
  • You will receive ongoing visits and feedback on your operation from one of our team.
  • If you have any issues, there are people and resources available to help you.

Your success is very important to us. We pride ourselves on our quick response time to requests from our store owners.

Owner Meeting

Once a year we get all the owners together for a couple of days. We use this time to provide you with company updates, any legislation passed that you need to know about and other useful information to help you better run your Straw Hat Pizza restaurant. It give you an opportunity to interact with other owners and share ideas in a relaxed setting. We also have a vendor show to allow you to see new products and meet key contacts in person. You will also hear industry experts give updates on various topics. Finally, we also use this time to recognize some owners for their achievements in the Straw Hat Pizza system.


Straw Hat Pizza has a number of programs to help you market and grow your business. These include professionally designed materials. A number of these are included as part of your marketing fee. A few of these are:

  • Eclub – Weekly offers sent to your customers as well as a deal on their Birthday!
  • Promotions – We run a number of promotion during the year and provide you with all the materials to help you grow your business.
  • Modern, flexible website – We continually improve our website ( to keep up with the needs of our customers. This includes direct links to third party web ordering, store specific social media and location specific coupons.
  • Assistance with design of fully customized flyers, banners, and other materials to help promote and grow your business.
  • A Marketing Manual with hundreds of ideas for how to grow your business.

Our team will work with you to develop a marketing plan. As a company we have historically kept your marketing fees low so you can spend more of your budget on advertising directly impacting your locations. We have a large toolkit of marketing materials and ideas available for purchase through our marketing website.