Steps to Become Franchisee

Before Signing

Request Information
Review Brochure
Attend Discovery Day
Visit a restaurant and get a full view of our operations while getting your questions answered.
Review Franchise Disclosure Documents
Receive and review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for 14 days.
Fill Out Franchise Application
Return via email or fax.
Receive Board Approval
A background check will be run and our board of directors will review.
Sign Franchise Agreement
Sign franchise agreement

After Signing

Word with real estate broker to find site
Find Location and Negotiate Lease
Work with construction partner or bid construction. Work with staff to develop store plans.
Bid Construction and Build Out Location
During construction, attend brand training to learn how to operate your Straw Hat Pizza.
Attend Training
After construction you will hire your team. A member of our staff will help you train and get your store ready to open.
Hire and Train Staff
Open New Straw Hat Pizza!

Is It a Fit For Me?

Contrary to what most people think, you do not need to have restaurant experience to be successful. However, understand the restaurant business is VERY hands on. Unless you have a high volume location you will need to be active in your business to be successful. Some of our owners work a lot of hours. In short, a restaurant is not a passive investment.

Some skills that are helpful to have are budgeting, time management and organization. Doing well in these areas will help keep you from struggling. You should also be able to lead and direct your staff.

There are some regular activities you will do in the course of running your business that you will need to feel comfortable with:

  • Working on your feet for long periods of time.
  • Investing the time in your training.
  • Spend time talking to customers in your store
  • Spend time going out in the community promoting your business
  • Dealing with upset customers

Finally, the key is to follow the system. A franchise is a successful system, but you have to follow it. If you are a very independent person and want to do things your way or make changes to the existing system then a franchise might not be the best investment for you.