Next Steps

Steps to becoming an owner of a Straw Hat Pizza

  1. Request a Brochure and A representative of Straw Hat Pizza will contact you.
  2. Review the Brochure and get any questions answered.
  3. Schedule and attend a Straw Hat Pizza Discovery Day in one of our locations to learn more about the brand. This can be in Northern or Southern California.
  4. Fill out a Franchise Application (PDF)
  5. Receive and review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for 14 days.
  6. While you review our FDD, our Board of Directors will review your application and determine approval. During this time, you should put together your business plan to help decide if Straw Hat Pizza is the right investment for you. If you need financing, explore your options and make sure your financing is approved before proceeding.
  7. After the 14 day review of the FDD, you can sign a Straw Hat Pizza Franchise Agreement entitling you to open and operate a store under the Straw Hat Pizza Brand. The franchise fee is due at signing.
  8. You will work with our Real Estate Broker we partner with to help you find a site and negotiate the lease.
  9. Once your lease is approved, you will enter construction on your new Straw Hat Pizza restaurant.
  10. During construction, you will attend our three week training program.
  11. After construction and all permits have been approved, you will hire your team. A member of our staff will help you train them.
  12. You will open your new Straw Hat Pizza restaurant!